Cryotherapy for Golfers: Does it Work?

cryotherapy for golfersIt’s no secret athletes at all levels are constantly seeking a competitive advantage. This is no different in the world of golf. From tried and true methods to the latest in new-age technology, competitors are always looking for an edge. One method that has picked up traction over the past few years in Cryotherapy. In fact, as cryotherapy has gained popularity among athletes in professional baseball, basketball and football, it’s also becoming a go-to treatment for some of the top golfers in the world. We’ll examine why cryotherapy for golfers is the hottest trend in the sport below. And if you’re going to live or hit the course in the desert, you’re most assuredly going to want to know where you can find the best cryotherapy in Phoenix AZ.

What is Cryotherapy?

cryotherapy for golfersCryotherapy uses extremely low temperatures (as low as 240 degrees Fahrenheit) for therapeutic benefits. It’s long been said that cryotherapy treatments can provide a faster recovery from workouts, improved sleep and better levels of energy. Cryotherapy is also used by athletes who have sustained injuries, such as muscle pulls or sprains, or are recovering from surgery.

In addition to whole body cryotherapy, local cryotherapy can be applied directly to the feet, ankles, elbows, neck, shoulders and knees. Given the direct attention to specific troublesome areas, it’s no wonder why golfers of all skill levels are turning to cryotherapy for rehabilitation and recover.

Cryotherapy on the PGA Tour

cryotherapy for golfersAt least one big believer in the benefits of cryotherapy for golfers is three-time major championship winner Padraig Harrington, who has his own cryo tub in his garage. The 40-plus-year-old Harrington, who says he does six minutes in the tub at minus 140 degrees, had 20 cryotherapy sessions in the 12 days after undergoing surgery on his knee in 2016. Harrington cites the boost in testosterone and the ability to recover from injuries as reasons why he goes into the deep freeze.

Harrington is one of just several accomplished pros who have used the treatment. Others include Rickie Fowler, Zach Johnson and Jordan Spieth. They join a list of luminaries from other sports, which includes Floyd Mayweather Jr., Usain Bolt, Cristiano Ronaldo, Steph Curry, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

So, is cryotherapy right for you? While there are dozens of golfers who swear by it, everyone is different and it’s always best to consult a professional before beginning any form of treatment. However, the freezing cold could be just what you need to heat your game back up!