5 Best Custom Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

custom kitchen cabinet ideasThe kitchen endures as much foot traffic as any room in your house, condo or apartment. With that comes hand traffic on cabinets. The constant opening and closing invariably leads to wear and tear, and eventually, replacement. There’s no faster way to give your kitchen a fresh look than with custom cabinets. Whether you’re seeking the best custom kitchen cabinets Phoenix has to offer or just looking for some inspiration for your home, here are the 5 best custom kitchen cabinet ideas.

  1. Clean Line Cabinets

custom kitchen cabinet ideasClean line cabinets can give you the modern look you’ve been seeking. These designs add straight lines that perfectly complement contemporary decors. Clean line motifs are most popular for upper cabinets, which then allows for closed cabinetry doors on the bottom half of the kitchen. You can then opt to place some utensils and appliances on floating shelves. Clean line cabinets are also a great way to free up space in the kitchen, especially in cramped condos or other tight living spaces.

  1. Steel/Metal Cabinets

Few things can deliver a more elegant look in your home than steel and metal cabinets. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, steel is durable, sanitary and very easy to clean. Steel and metal cabinets give your kitchen a high-end look that can be complimented by nearly everything in the room, including the dishes, silverware, dinnerware and the refrigerator. A steel design can create anything from the timeless to the futuristic. There’s nearly no limit to the scene you can serve up with steel cabinets.

  1. Beverage Cabinets

best custom kitchen cabinet ideasIf you’re looking for a way to maximize the space in your kitchen, consider custom beverage cabinets. You can easily convert any cabinet or pantry into a station to serve drinks and snacks. You can store any type of beverage you desire and free up space in other areas of the home during dinners or holiday parties. You can even keep various cups and glasses in the cabinets for easy access. From soft drinks to cold beer to fine wines, the options with a custom-made beverage cabinet are limitless.

  1. Veneer Wood Cabinets

best custom kitchen cabinet ideasVeneer wood cabinets have become all the rage in recent years. And with the warmth and sophistication they emit, it’s easy to see why. Simply adding slabs of veneer wood grains to any cabinet creates the feel those that love the outdoors adore. Veneer cabinets are also the perfect pairing to a kitchen that features a wood floor. Blending these two is a breeze and can truly make your house feel like a home.

  1. Open Kitchen Cabinets

best custom kitchen cabinet ideasFor most of us, our lives seemingly get busier and busier every year. That’s why many are opting for open kitchen cabinets. These custom cabinets provide open and easy access to utensils, beverages and other kitchen accessories. Instead of fumbling around trying to find what you’re looking for, everything you need will be in plain sight. Open cabinets also allow you to showcase various kitchen items you’re most proud of, including knives, shot glasses, custom and commemorative plates and much more.